Thinking of moving to VillaSol? Wanting to know more information about schools in our area? Go no further, here I will be listing and summarizing every school in a 15-minute radius from VillaSol. Included with all this information will be links to where the information was grabbed from so you can freely do your research if you’d like.

Let’s start with what public schools your kids will be zoned too when living in VillaSol. The elementary school students will be zoned too is East Lake Elementary, East Lake is a traditional PK, K-5 school that offers students many of activities to expand their growth in subjects like science, math, and reading comprehension. East Lake is located 10 minutes East of VillaSol and has a 15:1 teacher to student ration which is the average in the state, according to Niche. Following elementary school, children living in VillaSol are zoned to Neptune Middle School, located 15 minutes South from our neighborhood, this school allows students to attend from 6th – 8th grade and offers a variety of extracurricular activities, such as clubs and sports. Neptune’s teachers are one of the most experienced, with 95% of teachers having 3 plus years of experience under their belt, that is 8% more than the state average of 87%. According to Niche, Neptune Middle School is rated a B overall school. Now moving on to high school, rounding off the list of public schools is Tohopekaliga High School known as Osceola’s first high school in about a decade to build a STEAM program. With STEAM being the future, it is very important to involve our kids now. STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Mathematics. Tohopekaliga High is conveniently located 3 miles East from VillaSol, 10 minutes with traffic. Tohopekaliga High is also known as one of Osceola’s newest schools, opening its doors in August 2018.

If Public schooling is something you are not interested in placing your child in, there are other options such as charter and private schools. There are a couple charter schools within a 10-mile radius of our neighborhood. Kissimmee Charter Academy for example is a K-8 school located about 7 miles from our neighborhood. In order to gain access into this school you have to put in an enrollment application, applications are open January through March each year. Once you are accepted you do not need to re-apply and you are in the system from K-8 if you please. Another option within our area is considered a public school but one you have to get accepted too so we have placed it under our charter category, Osceola County School for the Arts, rated the number 1 high school in Osceola county according to Niche, 2019 Best High Schools in Osceola” post. Osceola’s School for the Arts has specific guidelines to formally get enrolled, to begin with, you need to choose a niche that you want your child to pursue while attending the school. This can be band, creative writing, drama, theater, etc. Following choosing that niche, based on which one you choose there is an audition that must take place. The audition is based on what grade your child is going into, ranges from 6th – 12th grade, more information can be found on their website through the link below. Following is Renaissance Charter School at Boggy Creek, Renaissance is a state recognized charter school that spans all around the state of Florida. This campus is located 6 miles East towards Lake Nona, a perfect option if you happen to be working in that area. The enrollment process for this charter school is very simple, same steps as Kissimmee Charter Academy, where you must put in an application during their open enrollment dates and wait to get the call. Once you are in you do not have to reapply, this campus is a K-8 as well. At the end of the day you want your children to get the best education they probably can, so what putting them in a charter school can do is limit classroom size so that the teacher to student ratio is far less than perhaps a public school would be.

Moving on to the final set of schools in our area, the private schools, private schools are typically much smaller in class size, but still offer plenty of opportunities to succeed in sports and academics. First private school we will address is City if Life Christian Academy, which is located 7 miles away from VillaSol and offers students the opportunity to attend its academy from PK, K-12. Meaning that if you are happy with the school you child can get their full education without having to move schools until college. City of Life has 372 enrolled in the entire school and over 70% of their students go on to attend a four-year college. City of Life’s admission process is pretty simple, considering it is a private school, steps are as followed, first you will need to schedule an interview with the principal to get to know one another to see if this is a place that you would want your child to attend, following then interview there are documents that need to be submitted as well and paperwork to be filled out. After all this is over, the school would then set up a financial plan, because this is a private school, but the great thing about this school is that they offer plenty of scholarships that you can apply to, to make it affordable to every family. Another Private school within the area that is also a K-12 is called Heritage Christian Academy, this school is located 6 miles East from VillaSol and similar to the other school they offer plenty of opportunities for your child to succeed. The enrollment process for this school is similar, but the only thing that is distinct from City of Life is that there is no need for an interview just bring in all the documents to the office. If you were to have any more questions about any of the schools listed in this post, I will be attaching all the links below for each school.






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