Designed For You



At Rey Homes, you come first. We can build houses, but you are the one that makes it a home.



Designed For Your Life

    Rey Homes designs houses with the modern lifestyle in mind and what challenges that presents to a home design.  

Designed For Your Preferences

  Almost every step along the Rey Homes process is customizable, from the flooring to the backsplash shown here in this kitchen ? Your preferences, your home, your life.  

Designed For Comfort

  At the end of the day, your home is your refuge. So we designed Rey Homes to be your safe haven of rest and relaxation.  

Designed For You

  Another one of our proud homeowners at his home in Davenport, Florida in the beautiful Legacy Park development.  

Designed For Company

  What?s the point of having something great if you can?t share it? Rey Homes designed spaces for you to be able to create and share memories with friends, family, and loved ones.  

Designed For Function

Rey Homes designs every kitchen, every room, and every living space to optimize functionality and make your life easier.  

Designed For Openess

  Open floor plans not only make your home seem even bigger, but allows for easier travel of natural light and air flow, saving you money on utilities month to month.  

Designed For You

We take our time when designing a home, researching your wants and needs and incorporating that into the layout and functionality of our homes. “But past this, the Rey Homes process allows you to customize your home at many different points, from the color and material of the kitchen counters to the tiles lining your bathroom walls. Many features are customizable by you, because Rey Homes are Designed For You.

Built To Last

At Rey Homes, we pride ourselves on quality, from the buying experience when you walk into our first model home to the tile roof we lay on every home we build. These higher quality materials produce higher quality results, and that?s what we want. We don?t cut corners, because we know that can just result in a bigger issue down the line for our homeowners. We take the time to select the best vendors and partners for our home building materials, because we want a product we can stand behind and be proud of. And we plan on standing a long time, because Rey Homes are Built To Last.

Made For Life

Yes, our Rey Homes are customizable at many points just for you. And yes, we use the best materials we can get access to so we can create a better quality home for you and your loved ones. But most importantly, we design our homes for you to be able to live the life you want. Open floor plans allow you room for whatever necessities you may have for your living space and allow you as much freedom as possible to express yourself through your furniture, your decorations, and your desired color palette ? and if you?re struggling to figure out a direction to take with all these decisions, we?ll help you with that too. Our communities are near major attractions, shopping centers, and outdoor recreational facilities. We know all of these things outside of your home are just as important to you, because Rey homes are Made For Life.