Months after construction began, the Powell family received the keys to their new home from Alex, Isabel and Tony Rey Sr. We first posted about the Powell family earlier this year when they were one of six families selected to be the recipient of a home from Heroes? Commons. If you?re not familiar with the organization, the Heroes’ Commons at Jefferson Park project is part of the City of Orlando’s initiative to enhance the Parramore district, whose neighborhoods serve as the city’s urban core. In addition, this project seeks to preserve the district’s historic traditions while offering easy access to mass transit, healthcare facilities, entertainment options, and world-class sporting venues. This housing development will contribute to a thriving neighborhood and supportive environment for the homeowners.

The Powell family has documented their home journey via their Facebook page, The Powell Family – On the move. Their page is full of fun photos of their family and every step of this journey. We caught up with the family and here is what they had to say since moving into their new home and about their experience with Rey Homes.

What is everyone’s favorite feature of your new home?

Bradley: ?I like the ceiling height & the windows. It?s always so bright.?

KaiLee: ?I love the windows.?

JaiLynn: ?It?s always so bright and open!?

Karliss: ?It?s big and it?s ours. We are decorating with Mommie so it?s a lot of fun too.?

Amya: ?I like the lights in the kitchen. We got old light bulbs so it looks like a farmhouse a little.?

David: ?I like the roof. The architecture catches people?s attention.?

Ayana: ?I agree. We?ve had people stop at the house and ask us if we are outside if it?s a two story. When we say no or if a contractor comes inside they always say ?WOW!? As soon as the door opens. Really funny moments??

Do you have any fun DIY or home decor projects planned?

Ayana: ?We are currently adding touches of copper around the kitchen, spice racks above the stove ?and removing the doors to closets to add wood shelving. We received our first housewarming gift & well wishes from Ryobi tools to hang blinds and get the DIY adrenaline going. We also have Omega Mantels based out of Canada coming in to do over our kitchen hood. They?ve been excited to follow us in the process and we?re really excited!?

What was the most exciting part of the construction process?

David: ?The exciting part for me was working with Paul & the final walk through. Paul has been really awesome to work with and always answered our questions during the process.

Ayana: ?I agree. We miss making the drive to the site to hang for a few brief moments with Paul every week. ?…oh and seeing Alex Smile. All the girls in this family loves his eyes [as she laughs]. He?s been a champ with us calling him ?eyes? for a whole year. Love ya Alex!?

What did moving day feel like?

Ayana: ?Moving day was stressful. At first we didn?t have the right keys from the foundation but Alex, Mom & Dad came over and welcomed us home. That was especially meaningful for us because we signed paperwork with the foundation but to have our family, the people that put the labor of love into our home, hand us the keys….. we will NEVER forget that day. One of the most memorable moments of our lives.?

Describe how it feels to be part of the Rey Homes family.

Ayana: ?The Rey Family from Mom & Dad to all of the staff working offsite and on ..They made this an unforgettable experience. We can?t thank them enough for continuing Tony ?Tonito? Rey Jr?s work. ?We personally are proud of each and every person involved in our home and proud to be Rey Homes HOMEOWNERS. Wow …..that sounds good!?

We are happy to welcome the Powell Family to the Rey Homes family. Thank you once again for your service.