Quick tips that will make your transition from old home to new home as stress-free as possible.

1.Plan your getaway? Not your ideal vacation but find your favorite overnight bag for your essentials.

Remember to pack everything you will need for the next 24 hours. Toothbrush and other toiletries, pajamas and a change of clothes are all a good idea to start with. The last thing you want is to have to dig through packed boxes to find what you need to get started the next morning.

2. Remember to label an ?Open Me First? box.

In this box you will want to pack items that your moving team will need during the move. A few ideas are toilet paper, disposable cups, phone chargers, hand soap and towel.

3. Color coordinate and label your boxes according to room.

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Tape sticky notes to each box or use colored packing tape. If you have a floor plan handy of your new home you can clearly indicate which boxes belong in each room. Also, if you take the extra time to label each box in detail unpacking can be a lot smoother. Instead of just labeling the box ?Kitchen? try using descriptions of its contents like ?Napkins, plates, cups, etc.? Opening more than one box at a time is a least practical way to unpack.

4. Take a photo of the back of your electronics.

While some computers have color coded cabling others do not. Be sure to take a few seconds to snap a photo of the back of your TV, Internet router and computer just to name a few devices.

5.Use your suitcases for packing heavy items like canned goods or books.

Sometimes we forget that a large box is not meant to be packed to the top. The last thing you want is to be in the driveway of your new home picking up canned corn. Take advantage of the wheels on your suitcase and avoid the falling out of a box.

6. Keep, sell, donate, trash.

Moving is a good time to purge your existing home of those clothes and items that haven?t been used since you moved into your existing residence. If you have children, get them involved with packing by asking them to sort through their toys as well. Tip: mark off spaces on the floor with painters tape and have them place the items in the corresponding squares: Keep, Sell, Donate, Trash.

7. Write a moving checklist and game plan for the big day.

Jotting down your to-do list will help you remember what needs be done before and during the move. Your list can include pre-move tasks like change of address, donation bin drop-offs even buying boxes.

8. Buy an ample amount of packing supplies.

Nothing is worse than finding a rhythm while packing and suddenly running out of tape or boxes. Both can always be used around the house post move. Tip: to speed up the packing process, consider buying a tape dispenser as well.

9. Plastic Ziplocbags will come in hand.

Keep a few different sizes of Ziploc bags available during the move. You may not realize it now but those little bags are perfect for keeping small parts and screws together during the move. Take your bed for example. Nothing would be worse than getting settled in and not be able to get a good night?s sleep when you?re exhausted.

10. Keep a bag or box of cleaning supplies close by.

Even if you a moving to a brand new house, you want to have cleaning products readily accessible. Having the products close by will allow for moving out clean up as well as moving in clean up in case of spills or incidents.