Whether he’s jet setting to VillaSol with his personal chauffeur (his Dad, Paul, our Sr. Project Superintendent) or heading to the boardroom to discuss future projects,?Pauly?is always cool and in control. He?s up well before dawn and eagerly heads to the sales office every day (while school is off) to go over next quarter sales projections. The salespeople are in awe of his impressive sales techniques and innate savviness.The room listens to every word, and the business grows immediately at a mere suggestion.?He will be running this company in a couple of years (when he’s 11).

While he takes the business side very seriously, he also has the time to enjoy himself and bring a good time to the office. In the boardroom, he is always welcomed with a party. Rey Homes celebrates his presence. On his recent birthday, he was surprised with a cake and birthday wishes from everyone at the office, and managed to shine brighter than ever as the star of Rey Homes.

This is Pauly; the most interesting man at Rey Homes. Happy birthday, Pauly!?

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