Moving into a new home has become common for?families that are expecting a baby. Preparing for a new member of the family sometimes means moving into a home that has the space for a nursery. Here are some tips and things to consider when you are moving into a new home and also have a baby on the way!

Choose the baby?s room

Now that there will be a baby in the house, you will probably be making several trips to the baby?s room throughout the day and into the night. Make sure that the location of the baby?s room is efficient for you to get to whenever needed.

Decorate the room

Take some time to choose what feel you want the baby?s room to have. These can range from a bright and fun tone or maybe a cool and calm ambiance. Dear Owen offers some fantastic suggestions for different color combinations. Make sure that you gather all of the necessary pieces of furniture for this room. You will need a crib, changing table, dresser, and a rocking chair.

Invest in a baby monitor

A baby monitor can be the piece of technology that gives you peace of mind when you need to relax during nap time. There are more advanced baby monitors that have a camera you can set up in the baby?s room so that you can literally keep an eye on them when you are not actually in the room. This might be a pricier item but it could save you the worry, especially during those first few days home with your baby.

Baby proof the house

When you bring a baby into your home, you may realize the many things that could cause injury to your newborn. Before the baby is born, think about things in your house that might be dangerous to the baby as a newborn. Small items that could be potential choking hazards are definitely objects to relocate. Safety measures will change when your baby moves into the crawling and walking stages so the proofing can happen gradually and as needed.

Keep a list of important numbers

You will never know when you might need an emergency number, until that moment. Make a list of numbers such as, the pediatrician, poison control, your doctor, close family members, or the closest pizza hut, so that when you need to call them, the number is easy to find.

Taking the time to prepare your home for a new baby will save you a lot of stress and time later on when you can be spending time and bonding with your newborn!