Summertime means fun for kids, but for parents it can be stressful keeping active kids busy! Here are some fun activities for your family to participate in this summer that won?t break the bank.


  • Take a bike ride around the neighborhood with the family! It is a great way to get some exercise and everyone can participate. You and your family can explore your neighborhood and enjoy the sunshine on a nice day.


  • Invite neighbors for a game in the park, utilize the parks in your area and plan a multifamily competition, it could be anything from kickball, softball, or even capture the flag! You might need some cones and balls to use in the games, so be sure to be prepared before you leave home.


  • Plan a picnic with your family. Assign each family member an item to bring, (snacks, drinks, a blanket, paper products, napkins, etc.) Enjoy spending time outside and bring along a kite to fly after the snacks are gone!


  • Grab your basketball or tennis rackets and spend some time teaching your kids how to play a sport. Tennis has become one of the most popular family friendly sports. Utilize neighborhood tennis courts! Check out this article that discusses some reasons that tennis can become a family favorite!


  • Make your own obstacle course! There are many easy ways to make an obstacle course that can be fun for your family to practice their American Ninja Warrior skills! Check out how this dad created an obstacle course for his daughter. If your time is limited, use items that you already have around the house to use as items to hop over or crawl under! For example, lay a ladder down on its side to for competitors to hop through! In the end, it will be a fun activity that the whole family will remember!


  • Visit the community pool! If the weather permits, grab your goggles and head to the pool for some relaxation and fun times! Pool toys are a great way to keep kids swimming and busy while playing in the pool, dive rings are a sure way for your kids to practice their swimming skills and they will love practicing diving down to grab the rings! Check out this fun pack of dive toys your family is sure to enjoy!


  • Check out some local kayak rentals and spend the day kayaking with your family down Boggy Creek. This creek is located in the VillaSol development and opens up to East Lake Tohopekaliga. This kayak rental company will deliver the kayaks to you so that you are able to get on the water quickly and easily!


Spending time with family during summer is an awesome way to fill that time when kids are out of school. Let us know if you use any of these tips we provided, we?d love to hear from you!